Father John Misty, a.k.a. J. Tillman, owned the Conan stage last night (July 15) for a rousing performance of "I Love You, Honeybear," from his latest album of the same name. Check out video of the performance above.

Tillman recently said about the differences between 2012's Fear Fun and his newest album, “At the time I wrote Fear Fun, I was convinced that all I could really write about was getting f---ed up and being bummed out about it, and I thought anything outside of that was out of my depth. I was really surprised at the outcome of going to such uncharted territory for myself with this one.”

He also said that his next album is already written, and that the subject matter is markedly different than that of I Love You, Honeybear: "I have no interest in writing about love anymore. I’m kind of worn out on that. I’ve written my next album. I feel like writing about intimacy afforded me a really unexpected level of clarity and turning that perspective outward, that’s essentially what the next album’s all about.”

Father John Misty is currently on tour, so check out his upcoming shows here.

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