Photographer Danny Clinch is on board to direct four music videos for ascending rock stars Alabama Shakes, and the first of which, released this week, is a stunner, both visually and in sound. Watch the video, which features the band performing "Don't Wanna Fight" in one take at Capitol Records Studio A, below:

When I was asked to film some of the new Alabama Shakes songs, I was sent the music. Honestly, it floored me. It’s a timeless record—soul, R&B, gospel, bluesy, ballsy. All the sounds I love. With that in mind, my director of photography and I decided that the way to capture the pure energy of these songs live would be to shoot it with one camera, no edits, and follow the energy of the song. It really paid off. Not only is Brittany a powerhouse, but her range is stunning, from screaming to whispering and everything in between, with a band that is right there with her, as she is about to go over the edge.

Alabama Shakes are in the middle of a tour, and will be performing at Bonnaroo later today. Check out their complete upcoming schedule here.

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