Although it might seem like Taylor Swift wins all the Grammys every year, that's actually never even close to true.

The televised Grammy Awards ceremony (which airs tonight beginning at 8 PM EST) only spotlights a handful of the nearly 80 categories that have winners. The pre-telecast ceremony – now called the Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony – takes place the afternoon prior to the big show and has long been home to some of the less glamorous categories (like Best Album Notes and Best Engineered Classical Album). But it's also actually where the majority of the awards for alternative, metal, dance and Americana music gets handed out, too.

This year, you can livestream the Premiere ceremony beginning at 3:30 PM EST. If you were planning to watch the primetime show just to find out if Death Cab win, you might not have to sit through all those Justin Bieber and Pitbull performances after all.

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