Alison Mosshart, frontwoman of the Kills and the Dead Weather, is opening her first solo art exhibition. She is currently showing art pieces at Manhattan's Joseph Gross Gallery from now until July 11 the name "Fire Power."

Mosshart told W she creates much of her work on the road and at a studio space in Nashville, and that her artistic process involves soaking up her often-strange environs. "It’s completely driven by emotion, the mood and my surroundings,” she says. She doesn't have any formal artistic training but says she's been making art as long as she's been making music.

Mosshart is showing a staggering 127 pieces of art as part of the show -- all of which were created in the last three years. "It’s really slash and burn," she told W. "I’ll paint eight pictures at once. I can’t stand waiting for things to dry."

The show includes a piece called "Tom Waits" and another called "This Is," with the words "Nashville" and "nice for awhile" scribbled over in pencil. You can check out a selection of pieces on the Joseph Gross Gallery's website.

Check out the poster for Mosshart's show:


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