Leave it to a quintessentially British art-rock band to create a video depicting a quintessentially American summer.

Leeds trio Alt-J is on the verge of releasing its eagerly anticipated sophomore album, 'This Is All Yours,' and they've just unveiled the feel-good video for the second single, 'Left Hand Free.'

Venturing into sonic territory that sounds vastly different from their critically acclaimed 2012 debut, 'An Awesome Wave,' the song -- reportedly a tongue-in-cheek pileup of American cliches -- is an upbeat and earthy track with noticeable blues and roots influence.

The video for 'Left Hand Free' (directed by Ryan Staake) with its laid-back montage of American teenagers thoroughly enjoying summer (which you can watch above), is also the polar opposite of the previously released and starkly violent clip for the lead single, 'Hunger of the Pine.' Check that one out below.

'This is All Yours' will be released Sept. 22.