Alt-J are one of the more idiosyncratic bands in indie today, and their success proves that they have a winning formula. Members of Montreal-based band Fleece seemed to have figured this formula out, though, and they shared their findings in a hilarious video, which you can watch below:

Equipped with only a microphone, looping device, tambourine and shaker, they start by building a harmonized vocal harmony, looping and layering variations of the completely mature lyric, "Put it up my butt." Then they add basic percussion with the tambourine and shaker before singing more fanny-centric lyrics in a slurred, high-pitched, nasally and downright Alt-J-like voice. The resemblance really is uncanny and written description doesn't do it justice.

The band didn't mean to attack Alt-J with this video, as they wrote in the description, "THIS IS A PARODY...nothing mean spirited towards alt-J."

When they're not eating rice cakes and making fun of great bands, Fleece make some music of their own: Their most recent album, Scavenger, came out in January and you can check it out on their Bandcamp page. They also made an "official unofficial" music video for the song "Wake and Bake" using the app MyIdol, if you're into that sort of thing.

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