Alt-J have shared the latest music video from their critically-heralded sophomore effort, This Is All Yours. “Pusher,” a hauntingly beautiful acoustic tune, is given an eerie visual in the new video -- check it out above.

Directed by Thomas Rhazi, the idea behind the “Pusher” visual was conceived by him and frontman Joe Newman. “The original idea was Joe’s one. It was about a guy breaking his neck in a very poetic way,” Rhazi says. “We spoke about the British Speaker’s Corners -- all those men and women in the late ‘70s preaching for their own reasons and beliefs. I wanted this film to be very humanist and as deep and simple as it could be.”

According to Thomas, the theme behind the video is focused squarely on the man at the center of “Pusher” -- a man who does whatever he can to get the crowd’s attention. “The hero does the most excessive act because he can’t do anything else,” he explains. “Shaking up people’s minds in those dark and sad times.”

This Is All Yours was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album at this year’s Grammys, and Diffuser was proud to crown it the Best Album of 2014. In addition to “Pusher,” the disc has produced the singles “Every Other Freckle,” “Left Hand Free” and “Hunger of the Pine.” After seeing “Pusher,” we get the feeling the band still has a lot of surprises left to unveil from the record.

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