The always unpredictable, often eyebrow-less and eccentric singer known as Amanda Palmer, along with the Grand Theft Orchestra, has something exciting in store for fans at a special New Year's Eve show at Terminal 5 in NYC. The flame-haired singer will perform Prince's classic 'Purple Rain' in full.

We wonder how the Purple One will feel about that, but who cares? Palmer and her cohorts will certainly put their own unique spin on jams like 'When Doves Cry,' 'I Would Die 4 U' and 'Let's Go Crazy.' The possibilities are endless, we tell ya!

But what's more important than how Prince might feel about the tribute is why the former Dresden Dolls singer elected to perform this 1984 classic in its entirety. Put simply, she and the band love the album, consider it flawlessly executed and want to pay their respects.

"The members of the Grand Theft Orchestra (me, Chad, Michael and Jherek) all come from very different musical backgrounds and have wildly different tastes, but there is ONE THING on our venn diagram that overlaps in the 'perfect album' department, and that's 'Purple Rain,'" the singer said.

She continued, "We all grew up worshipping this record. Everybody already knows the songs cold (Jherek used to actually be in a Prince cover band) and we're all going to take turns singing and swapping instruments. The band will, of course, be dressed in our finest Prince-esque finery, covering all aspects of Prince, his facial hair, and his various eras of nudity. We're also encouraging the entire audience to 'come as your favorite era of Prince.' I want to run around counting people in assless chaps, and maybe give them door prizes for bravery. New Years Eve is cold."

And there you have it! Dressing like Prince, performing Prince, seeking out butt-less chaps. It will be a NYE to remember if you choose to attend.

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