Singer-songwriter Amanda Palmer has had a rabid cult fan base since her days with punk cabaret duo the Dresden Dolls. This week, those fans helped Palmer raise well over $300,000 on Kickstarter to finance the release and promotion of her next album, which is already finished.

The Kickstarter campaign will fund Palmer's album, concert tour and an art book that will include the work of more than 30 artists. Palmer wrote, "Since I'm now without a giant label to front the gazillions of dollars that it always takes to manufacture and promote a record this big, I'm coming to you to gather funds so that I have the capital to put it out with a huge f---ing bang."

Palmer's goal was to raise $100,000, but through Wednesday morning she had already received pledges of more than $368,000. Fans can contribute as little as $1 to receive a digital download of the album when it comes out in September. Those with deeper pockets can pledge $5,000 to receive a house party with Amanda herself or $10,000 for a package that includes a personal visit from Palmer and her new band the Grand Theft and a makeover/photo shoot with the group.

In an email message to fans in late April, Palmer wrote, "It's hard to describe what the record sounds like... but take my first solo album ('Who Killed Amanda Palmer'), both Dresden Dolls' records, add in a lot of mid-era Cure and Depeche Mode, sprinkle on the Cars' greatest hits and some Gary Numan, then add a layer of My Bloody Valentine and Swans and you've got a vague idea. It's LOUD. It's BIG. And it's totally awesome."

The album will be her first official studio release since the Ben Folds-produced 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer' dropped in 2008. Since then, the creative renegade has released an album as part of the fictitious conjoined-twin duo Evelyn Evelyn, a live record from her Australian tour, and — seriously — an EP of Radiohead covers performed on ukelele.

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