Tom Delonge's Angels and Airwaves have unleashed a fiery electronic track titled 'The Wolfpack' from their upcoming concept album, 'The Dream Walker.' This new track is an extremely catchy treasure of pure emo gold -- it's only fitting that Delonge, who is an avid supporter of Halloween, would release the song today (Oct. 31) of all days. You can listen to the new track above.

The track is the new record's lead single and is currently available on iTunes. It's the second song we've heard from the new record, the first being 'Paralyzed' which jumped right into the iTunes Top 10 Alternative Charts when it came out last week.

To pair with the album's release, the band will also be releasing an animated short film on the same day (Dec. 9) titled 'Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker' -- it was already selected for the 2014 Toronoto International ShortFilm Festival, which takes place Nov. 12-14.