Tom DeLonge doesn't just dream big -- he dreams in pretty much every form of media.

The frontman for Angels and Airwaves (who you also might recognize from Blink-182) recently opened up to Billboard about 'The Dream Walker,' the upcoming fifth album from his "art project" of a side-group. The band also shared the song, 'Tunnels,' which you can stream here.

DeLonge said 'The Dream Walker,' due out Dec. 9, is far more than just an album. The music is just one part of a larger concept that will also include a comic book series published by Magnetic Press, a novel by Suzanne Young, an anime short film and a feature-length movie all centered around the character of lucid dreamer Poet Anderson.

"I had this idea for a new version of Peter Pan, just without the green tights," DeLonge said. "Over time I've become really fascinated with the idea of dreams and the idea that space, when you're asleep and dreaming, is really infinite and has infinite possibilities. Who's to say that when you're dreaming you're not experiencing something somewhere else? That really resonates with me."

DeLonge said the anime short, 'Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker' (watch the trailer below), will be released along with the album, and the comic book series is scheduled for release "right before Christmas," with the novel due out next spring. He said he's also got meetings in January with movie studios about a Poet Anderson film and is working on an upcoming tour and stage show built around the story. He also alludes to much more. "Poet Anderson is just the beginning," he said. "What we are launching at the end of next year is just as big and completely different, and just as much has gone into it."

As for his day job, DeLonge said Blink-182 are planning to begin recording a follow-up to their 2011 comeback album, 'Neighborhoods,' during the first week or two in January. "I think the goal on this record is to really craft it together form scratch as much as we can, but it'll be a good mix of things that are partially planned out and a lot of stuff we just really dig in and create from scratch, with everyone's influence," he said. "Our best records were made that way."

Poet Anderson: The Dream Walker -- Anime Short Official Trailer

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