Punky Ohio indie rockers Annabel are back with a new video for their catchy tune, ‘Anti-Decisions,’ and Diffuser.fm is amped to have the exclusive premiere. We're also a little weirded out. Watch the twisted yet undeniably captivating clip above.

“I brainstormed a few ideas one day with my friend David Wilson (who does his own videos under the name Downpour Creative),” frontman Ben Hendricks tells Diffuser.fm. “We shot a few things and realized it wasn't going how we wanted. So I went back and fleshed out an entire script on my own. David, unfortunately, had to drop from the project so I ended up directing and editing the whole thing.”

He also served as location scout, opting to shoot the strange clip at his home in Akron with the help of some friends.

“I live in a very family-oriented neighborhood, so we definitely had some weird looks when we shot the outdoor scenes," he says. "I absolutely wanted to have that juxtaposition of all these f—ed up things going on in this very suburban setting, though.”

Despite the video's irreverent tone, 'Anti-Decisions' deals with some heavy issues. As Hendricks explains, the song is "about the anxiety or doubt caused by decisions and how usually they don't really matter one way or another in the end."

“I tried to represent that with the concept of the video in its own twisted way," he says. "'Anti-Decisions,' to me, are kind of the decisions you don't make. So I guess in the video, I try to live with the way things are for a while before thinking I'd be better off going the other direction. And then that ends up not being very different at all.”

‘Anti-Decisions’ is from Annabel’s sophomore LP, ‘Youth in Youth,’ which dropped last November via Count Your Lucky Stars. Check out the quartet on Facebook and Twitter for more info.

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