Good grief, that's one ugly hat. But then again, maybe we don't "get" high fashion. Rapper, singer and producer Pharrell Williams recently auctioned off the giant brown hat he wore (in public, no less) when he accepted a Grammy trophy earlier this year.

Shaved-meat giant Arby's knew a good PR opportunity when it presented itself and grabbed the Vivienne Westwood-designed hat for the princely sum of $44,100. The money will go to Williams' charity, From One Hand to Another, so at least some good came from all this.

Arby's tweeted its thanks to Pharrell after winning the eBay auction:

This auction doesn't mean Williams is changing up his style. The singer wore a similar hat when performing his hit single 'Happy' at the Oscars last night. At least his new one wasn't quite so gargantuan, and it sported a fancy feather.

Williams has been on top of the world ever since he joined forces with co-headgear enthusiasts Daft Punk for last year's 'Get Lucky.' He and the French duo recently worked together to produce a new single, 'Gust of Wind.' If the hype around this new tune is any indication, it will probably replace 'Get Lucky' as the song that refuses to get out of your head.

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