By now, even the most casual Arcade Fire fan knows that the band is a cover song machine. Depending on what city they're performing in, Arcade Fire will choose a locally-centric tune to play at their concert. If they're near Boston, they'll cover the Pixes. If they're in Winnepeg, then that means they'll cover Neil Young.

And if they're in New York City, who better to honor than Buster Poindexter? Last night (Aug. 22) at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, Arcade Fire did just that with a spirited rendition of Poindexter's 'Hot Hot Hot.'

As has been the modus operandi for awhile now, at the beginning of their encore, a "fake band" first walked out on-stage for a "fake cover." At last night's show, that fake cover was the New York Dolls' 'Personality Crisis,' a seemingly fit tune for the city they're in. As that song faded out, the real encore opener kicked in with none other than the Dolls' frontman, David Johansen, performing as his Poindexter alter-ego -- talk about a personality crisis -- and leading the crowd in 'Hot Hot Hot.'

You can watch the performance -- including the opening song with the fake band pretending to sing 'Personality Crisis' -- in the video above.

Arcade Fire will perform at the Barclays Center tonight (Aug. 23) and again tomorrow (Aug. 24) as part of their three-night stint in Brooklyn. Fortunately, there's a seemingly endless list of New York-minded songs to choose from, so it shouldn't be hard to pick a couple more covers for their Big Apple residency.

The band only has a few shows left on this leg of the 'Reflektor' tour. For the remaining dates, visit their official website here.