We've covered Arcade Fire covering bands before, and it's starting to feel kind of strange, like looking at an endless reflection of yourself looking at an endless reflection of someone else. The band has been playing lots of other artists' songs on their current tour. The covers are typically reflective of whatever town they're in.

They covered R.E.M. when they were in Atlanta. They covered Boys II Men in Philadelphia. They even covered Kansas in um, Missouri. So it's an easy guess as to whom they covered when they visited Washington recenty.

They covered Nirvana's breakout hit, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit,' sort of. Band leader Win Butler sang the first verse of the Nirvana song over the music for the Arcade Fire song 'Rococo.' They opened and closed their song with Kurt Cobain's lyrics. Check it out in the fan-shot video above.

Arcade Fire don't have too many shows left in the states. They're playing a handful of shows in New York and Chicago, and the rest left on their tour are in Canada. So it's anybody's guess as to what they'll be covering next. We're hoping for a cover of the band Chicago, maybe 'Saturday in the Park' or '25 or 6 to 4.'

Here's that Kansas song from Kansas City, Missouri.