S---'s getting real in this Arcade Fire-Deadmau5 feud. During its festival-closing Coachella set last week, the massive Canadian collective told the audience, “Shout-out to all the bands still playing actual instruments at this festival.”

That prompted the big-eared EDM star to fire a barrage of tweets in his, and his music's, defense. "Arcade Fire needs to settle down. Some dudes devote their lives to instruments, others to electronic composition by cpu, dafuqs yer problem?" he wrote in one missive. "If i wanna watch real artists perform, I'd pick the opera before wasting a f---ing minute of my life with Arcade Fire," he attacked in another.

Last night in St. Louis, Arcade Fire took a break from covering somebody else's song long enough to fire back at Deadmau5. According to Consequence of Sound, the band flashed an image of the artist's giant mouse head on their LCD screen before playing their song 'Normal Person' from their 'Reflektor' album.

In case you need a primer on the song, it begins with the line “Do you and like rock ‘n’ roll music? 'Cause I don't know if you do," and is basically a four-a-half-minute musical slam. It's one of the nastiest songs in the band's catalog too.

They also covered Chuck Berry's (now there's a guy who likes rock 'n' roll music) classic 'Roll Over Beethoven,' keeping with their concert theme to cover local artists in whatever city they're playing.

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