Arcade Fire are closing out the Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleans tonight (Oct. 30). However, they decided to spend the night before their headlining slot previewing some new music at a surprise show yesterday.

According to the Times-Picayune, they set up in a space inside Second Line Stages, a local television and film studio, decorated it with white spiderwebs and a disco ball and played for approximately 175 people who somehow found out about the show and were dressed in Halloween costumes. Frontman Win Butler and his wife, multi-instrumentalist Regine Chassagne, have been part-time residents of New Orleans since 2013.

Although cell phones were confiscated at the door to prevent videos of their new music from leaking out to the public, the article said that the 14 songs played were “a storm of dynamic, danceable rock.” The new material — whose lyrics were read by Butler from a pages on a music stand — was described as “driven by percussive-heavy beats with a flavor of disco, had a sharp focus on weighty topics.” In keeping with the Halloween motif of the weekend, they also threw in a bit of the Ghostbusters theme and Butler made up lyrics “about a clown living in a tower in the sky.”

Back in June, Win’s brother Will Butler, who is also in the group, spoke of the prospects of the band releasing a follow-up to 2013’s Reflektor. “Probly (sic) next spring?” he said during a Reddit AMA. “No definite schedule though. It’ll be done when it’s done.”

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