Last September, Arcade Fire treated fans to a bizarre, Roman Coppola-helmed promotional short in advance of their 'Reflektor' album, and now the Canadian outfit is offering up a brief behind-the-scenes video documentary about the lengthy arena tour they've mounted in support of the record.

The six-minute clip, which features interview footage with frontman Win Butler, bandmate Richard Reed Parry and members of the road crew, delves into AF's desire to bring a club-like live experience to arenas, their desire to maintain some of their "amateur edge" and off-the-cuff spontaneity on the tour -- and the particular challenges that go along with trying to pull these things off on such a grand scale, which certainly isn't an easy thing.

"We've always tried to avoid playing in arenas, but this time we wanted to embrace that and try to take something super anonymous and make it something fun for people to come to," Butler says near the start of the clip, neatly summing up the general idea behind the 'Reflektor' tour aesthetic.

Even D.I.Y. dance maven Dan Deacon -- who's opening stops on the  'Reflektor' tour with his ready-made, let's-all-get-in-a-circle-and-cut-a-rug party schtick -- has been won over by Arcade Fire on the big stage. "For a super-large band they really keep it real," he says in the video. "To see them do it on such a large scale in these venues is very inspiring ... "[I] don't feel like I'm in an arena. I feel like I'm just playing a giant house."

The current U.S. leg of Arcade Fire's 'Reflektor' tour wraps May 4 at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, and will be followed by dates in Europe and Japan before resuming stateside at the end of June. The band has dates scheduled through an Aug. 30 gig in their hometown of Montreal. Check out the complete itinerary here.

And check out one of our favorite moments from the tour so far:

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