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Dan Deacon, ‘Konono Ripoff No. 1′ – New Video
Dan Deacon’s new gif-style video for ‘Konono Ripoff No. 1’ features an eclectic array of people from the Baltimore arts community posing with objects that are meaningful to them. Fans are encouraged to download his smartphone app for the full experience. The track was released as a limited edition 7-inch vinyl single in honor of Record Store Day (April 20).
University of Phoenix 2013 Commercial – What’s the Song?
With more than a hundred campuses around the world, the University of Phoenix’s new commercial hawks the school's ability to help connect its students with “leading employers across the nation.” The clip shows the variety of degree options offered at the higher learning institute, suggesting that whether you aim to be a doctor or a financial analyst, U-P is the place for you. The tune featured in
Dan Deacon, ‘America’ – Album Review
If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing Dan Deacon live, you may think you know what to expect: audience participation, stroboscopic lights, human tunnels and a general sense of psychedelic shenanigans. In other words, Dan doesn't seem like the sort of guy that would take himself too seriously. Yet behind the controlled insanity over which the Baltimore-native presides, there have been signs that Dea