Hardcore veterans Bad Brains have dedicated their new album 'Into the Future' to the late Adam Yauch, aka MCA, of the Beastie Boys. Yauch died of cancer in May and had a longstanding and fruitful relationship with the D.C. band.

Bassist Daryl Jenifer shared that the new album points to the band's signature slogan, "PMA," which stands for "positive mental attitude," a mindset that Yauch shared with them. Yauch also produced the Bad Brains' previous record, 'Build a Nation.

For Jenifer, bestowing such an honor, like dedicating an album to the late rapper/singer, was a no-brainer, given their long-term relationship. "He was a good friend and fan of the band, always was our No. 1 supporter, out of celebrities or whatever," Jenifer said. "We knew each other from way back. We were in bands together. I played in his band Brooklyn. He's still doing his thing, spiritually."

Frontman H.R. also said that he thought about Yauch, who battled salivary gland cancer for many years, while recording the effort. "I wanted to put something on paper, on track, that he would enjoy," H.R. said.