People running face-first into refrigerators never stops being funny. That's the winning formula Sears has come up with for its latest round of commercials. The company's newest TV ad is a parody of a movie trailer for a romantic comedy that features the music of Aussie rockers Sparkadia.

The earnest pop song playing in the background of the commercial is Sparkadia's 'Space and Time,' which appeared on their 2007 album 'Postcards.' The four-piece act toured with Death Cab for Cutie, Tegan and Sara and others, before frontman Alexander Burnett decided to drop the band and make Sparkadia his solo project.

Burnett's voice builds up the melodrama during the Sears trailer for the fake movie 'Connecting Flights,' which follows two travelers stranded at an airport over Christmas due to a snowstorm.

The ad parodies all of the cliches in a typical romantic comedy trailer, like cheesy sentimental moments and unrealistic dialogue: "So what do you do?" "I'm a blogger." "Totes weird, that is cray, cause I'm a blogger too!"

After a bystander urges the man, "Go get her!" he starts running through the terminal until he suddenly runs into the side of a fridge. "You won’t run into the top ten appliance brands just anywhere,” the narrator says. “Only Sears carries them all.”

The previous Sears ad featured a young couple slamming into fridges while jogging on the beach. Has running into refrigerators become the new Rickroll?

Hear Sparkadia's 'Space and Time' in the Sears Airport Movie Trailer Commercial