Christmas has come early for fans of punk rock, Bad Religion and funny juxtapositions. Today, the long-running atheist punk band bestows upon the world 'Christmas Songs,' a collection of sped-up, heavily distorted holiday favorites, and before you head to the mall and buy copies for all of the godless bible burners on your Xmas list, stream it above.

"This might be the most subversive album we've done," co-songwriter and guitarist Brett Gurewitz said in a press release. "To me, what the album is indirectly stating is that this music, and thus the world, can be powerful and beautiful stripped of god and religion. These are just really good songs, and a historically non-religious band like Bad Religion can perform them with as much power and feeling as anyone."

Of course, it wouldn't be a Bad Religion record if there weren't some sociopolitical angle, and the band is donating 20 percent of all proceeds to Survivors of Those Abused by Preists (SNAP). Click here for more info on the charity.

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