If you're a fan of punk rock – especially the fast pop-punk that dominated Warped Tour stages during the late '90s and early '00s – you probably only need to go to one concert this year.

On October 10, San Bernadino's San Manuel Amphitheater Festival Grounds will host inaugural installment of the It's Not Dead Fest, a veritable Hall of Fame of punk revival and third-wave ska acts including Bad Religion, NOFX, Pennywise, Descendents, Reel Big Fish, Less Than Jake and more than a dozen other bands that defined the skating, skanking youths of millions of suburban Americans.

The event is co-produced by Warped Tour founder Kevin Lyman. "It's Not Dead Festival is basically any punk rock fan's dream lineup," Lyman said in a statement. "Where else will you be able to see all these legendary bands in one place, on one day?"

Just like Warped Tours of old, the It's Not Dead fest will host a "old-school skate/BMX jam," featuring skateboarders Steve Caballero, Mike Frazier, Omar Hassan, Christian Hosoi, and Neal Hendrix; skaters Lizzie Armanto, Alex Perelson, and Josh Borden; and BMX rider Dennis McCoy.

Warped Tour, by the way, is still alive and kicking. Now in its 20th year, this year's lineup includes Simple Plan, Motion City Soundtrack and more.

Tickets for the fest go on sale on June 22.

It's Not Dead Fest
It's Not Dead Fest

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