With a sound that's hard to describe -- blues and pop and soul and funk combined to make a dynamic utterance that feels like it could explode into full-fledged rock and roll at any moment -- Chicago-based trio Bailiff are still celebrating the release of their second studio effort, 'Remise,' in April. They're so excited, in fact, that they're unveiling a follow-up to the album, aptly entitled 'Remise II,' later this year. Ahead of the EP's release, Diffuser is excited to debut the brand new track, 'Love Like Mine,' in the audio player below.

"I wrote 'Love Like Mine' during a time when I was hooked on a few songs that involved singing about love like it's an object, like your feelings are across the room and you're telling someone about them," frontman Josh Siegel tells us. "I tend to find a little piece of a song and then sit at my desk for weeks as I slowly add a little bit at a time, but this song appeared over the course of two or three nights."

Reminiscing about the song's foundational influence, he remarks, "[Bob] Dylan's 'Heart of Mine' and Ron Sexsmith's 'Secret Heart' come to mind."

With lyrics like, "Men have started wars over love like yours," it's surprising the song was put together so quickly. "Sometimes an inspiring drum beat is all it takes to get a new song going. I just started singing gibberish over a simple chord progression until some words and phrases popped out," Siegel explains. "I went out for the night and wrote down a few more lyrics in between conversation. I showed a demo to the band and we messed with it in our rehearsal room until it felt like something the three of us had come up with."

Bailiff's 'Remise II' will be released on Oct. 7. Get more details on the EP and the band at their official website here.