This Friday (Sept. 8), Omnivore Recordings will give an expanded reissue to 1993’s Friday Night Is Killing Me by Bash & Pop, the first project from Tommy Stinson after the 1991 breakup of the Replacements. Diffuser is pleased to offer a preview of one of its tracks, “Harboring a Fugitive,” below.

"'Harboring a Fugitive’ is a classic example of ‘shoulda-been-a-hit,’” Peter Jesperson, the Replacements’ original manager who produced the reissue, told us. “Hooky as hell and totally rockin’!”

Jesperson added that the song was originally found on a promotional 7-inch single that coincided with Friday Night’s original release. The song’s swaggering, loose, Faces-inspired stomp would have fit in perfectly on the record, which underperformed at retail but remains a favorite among Replacements fans. This reissue adds an 18-track CD comprised of rare tracks — including “Making Me Sick” from the Clerks soundtrack — and 15 previously unreleased demos and alternate versions. Bob Mehr, who wrote the definitive biography Trouble Boys: The True Story of the Replacements, penned an essay for the package.

Last year, Stinson revived the Bash & Pop name for Anything Can Happen, which came out this past January. “A majority of the people I played these tracks for said it reminded them of the Bash & Pop record,” he said at the time. “Alas, there you have it.” Later this month they’ll be going on the road opening up for the Psychedelic Furs. You can see all the dates at Stinson’s website.

Listen to “Harboring a Fugitive” by Bash & Pop

Bash & Pop, ‘Friday Night Is Killing Me’ Reissue Track Listing

Disc One
1. “Never Aim to Please”
2. “Hang Ups”
3. “Loose Ends”
4. “One More Time”
5. “Tickled to Tears”
6. “Nothing”
7. “Fast & Hard”
8. “Friday Night (Is Killing Me)”
9. “He Means It”
10. “Tiny Pieces”
11. “First Steps”

Disc Two
1. “Never Aim To Please” (Home Demo)
2. “First Ups” (Home Demo)
3. “Hang Ups” (Home Demo)
4. “Tiny Pieces” (Home Demo)
5. “Situation”
6. “Harboring a Fugitive”
7. “Making Me Sick”
8. “Nothing” (Alternate Version)
9. “One More Time” (Alternate Version)
10. “He Means It” (Alternate Version)
11. “Loose Ends” (Alternate Version)
12. “Hang Ups” (Alternate Version)
13. “Tickled to Tears” (Alternate Version)
14. “Fast & Hard” (Alternate Version)
15. “Friday Night (Is Killing Me)” (Alternate Version)
16. “Tiny Pieces” (Alternate Version)
17. “Never Aim to Please” (Alternate Version)
18. “Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace” (Instrumental)

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