Bash & Pop, the band fronted by Tommy Stinson after the dissolution of the Replacements, is being revived, with a new album coming in 2017. This comes nearly 25 years after their only album, 1993’s underrated Friday Night Is Killing Me,

Fat Possum Records made the announcement yesterday, noting that this reboot comes following the conclusion of the Replacements’ 2013-15 reunion. In a letter that accompanied the news, Stinson explained his reason for bringing back the name.

“Since recording my last two solo records in a rather piecemeal way,” he wrote, “I found myself longing to make a record in the same way that we made the early Replacements records: live, in the studio, as a band. The last record I really did that on was called Friday Night Is Killing Me.”

Stinson has been working on these songs for about a year and a half, bringing in such names as Luther Dickinson of North Mississippi All-Stars, Steve Selvidge of the Hold Steady and Frank Ferrer, with whom Stinson played during his tenure in Guns N’ Roses. However, it does not appear that Steve Brantseg, the only other living original member of Bash & Pop, is on the album. Drummer Steve Foley, who played on the Replacements’ 1991 tour, died in 2008 and his bassist brother, Kevin, passed away three years later.

Despite this, Stinson explained why he’s putting this under that band’s name. “A majority of the people I played these tracks for said it reminded them of the Bash & Pop record,” he wrote. “Alas, there you have it. A new Bash & Pop record coming soon!”

To help raise funds, Stinson has turned to PledgeMusic. Premiums range from digital downloads ($10) to tickets to their first gig at the  7th Street Entry in Minneapolis ($75) to having Stinson, an ordained minister, officiate your wedding and perform at the reception ($5,000). He is also donating a portion of the proceeds to benefit the Timkatec trade schools in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, which he visited in 2011.

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