Few albums in recent memory have as many moments of euphoria as ‘Bloom:’ The initial sweep of guitars in ‘Wild,’ the breathy curtain of "huh-huh-huhs" in ‘Lazuli,’ the splay of lead guitar in ‘Other People’ -- and that’s just tracks two through four. With 'Bloom,' Beach House have given us a beautiful work of art.

As our smitten review belabors to say, Victoria Legrand’s vocals defy description: could be called masculine or feminine, weighty or ephemeral, lackadaisical or spot on. She is blessed with a voice that’s generational -- she invites comparisons to the legendary Nico -- and her collaborations with guitarist Alex Scally take on the shimmering, blurred beauty of Monet’s water lillies. Both the critics and the public have fallen in love with the Baltimore duo, whose fourth record is one of 2012's best.