Natasha Khan has been recording and releasing music as Bat for Lashes for a handful of years, and now she's moving into filmmaking. Her first effort is a short fashion video, 'Under the Indigo Moon,' featuring clothing from her design collaboration with YMC. She and genre-bending folk-rapper Beck came together to make the music that serves as the film's sonic backdrop.

This wasn't the first time Khan and Beck have worked together. They teamed up to produce 'Let's Get Lost,' a tune that unfortunately ended up on the soundtrack for 'Twilight: Eclipse.' Khan said in an interview with Nowness that she loved working with Beck, and was especially excited to play with all of his toys.

“I have loved Beck for years,” she explained before mentioning all the great stuff he has. "He’s got loads of weird dulcimers, amazing drum machines and really obscure instruments that make wonderful sounds.”

Khan said that Bat for Lashes will be on hold for a bit while she pursues visual arts.

"I’m going to illustration classes at the moment, and I’ve got a huge desire to tell stories through film and paintings rather than just music, so Bat For Lashes is on hold for the meanwhile," she said.