It's only the second day of this year's iTunes Festival in London, but Beck's performance will surely be a highlight of the month-long event. With the same stage set-up he's been touring the states with, Beck and company tore through 17 songs in nearly 85 minutes.

Beck spent virtually no time chatting between tunes, other than lamenting how long it's been since he's played the U.K. city. "Thanks for coming tonight ... this is our first show in London in about 70 years," he said to enormous cheers and applause.

While it's easy to focus on the raucous opener that was 'Devils Haircut,' the highlight of the gig came during Beck's harmonica breakdown near the end of 'Novacane.' Rather than calling it quits, he kept going and kicked into a blues-heavy rendition of 'One Foot In the Grave.'

It wasn't all blistering rock and roll at the Roundhouse in London's Camden district, though. Slowing things down a bit, Beck and his band donned acoustic guitars and gave fans a few songs from his latest album, 'Morning Phase.' No matter the song or instrument, one thing remained constant throughout the entire performance, and that was the non-stop high-energy from Beck and his band.

Succumbing to the "Beck! Beck! Beck!" chants of the crowd, the band came back to the stage to perform 'Sexx Laws' and 'Debra' from 1999's 'Midnite Vultures, as well as the fan-favorite, 'Where It's At,' for the encore.

For the remainder of the festival -- which includes sets from the likes of Ryan Adams, Elbow, Kasabian, David Gray and more -- fans can watch the shows live (and for free) via iTunes or AppleTV. The performances will also be available on-demand, which means you can watch (or re-watch) Beck's entire gig. Get all the details here.

Beck -- Setlist, Sept. 2, 2014
'Devils Haircut'
'Black Tambourine'
'One Foot In the Grave'
'Hell Yes'
'The New Pollution'
'Think I'm In Love'
'Blue Moon'
'Lost Cause'
'Heart Is a Drum'

'Sexx Laws'
'Where It's At'

Watch Beck's Official Music Video for 'Heart Is a Drum'

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