A week before its release, Beck's first album in six years is now streaming online. You can hear 'Morning Phase' in its entirety right here courtesy of NPR.

The album, Beck's first since 2008's 'Modern Guilt,' marks a return to the pensive singer-songwriter poses the label-defying artist struck on 2002's 'Sea Change,' one of the best albums of his 20-year career.

Many of the same musicians who helped shape 'Sea Change' return on 'Morning Phase,' which is Beck's 12th album. But unlike its predecessor -- a record Beck wrote and recorded after a painful breakup -- the new album offers a more hopeful outlook for things in the end. (Raise your hand if you felt like downing a fifth of vodka and slicing your wrists after listening to 'Sea Change.')

'Morning Phase' officially comes out on Feb. 25, but as NME reports, the album took the place of another record he was working on that included "high-profile collaborations." That LP may still see release sometime in 2014.


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