This week's playlist of new songs is all about love in its many forms. Whether the song is a tender tribute to a lost friend or all about casual this and that, it's all love, baby. We invite you to spend the next 20 minutes contemplating love while listening to these new tracks.

  • 'Glynis'

    Bleeding Rainbow

    Philly band Bleeding Rainbow just released a cover of the Smashing Pumpkins' 'Glynis.' They bring to the song all of the charm that made us love the Smashing Pumpkins so much back in 1993, when this song was part of the 'No Alternative' compilation. Remember that tender tribute to a lost friend? Here you go.

  • 'West Coast'

    Lana Del Rey

    Sometimes love just doesn't work out. That seems to be the lesson here. Lana Del Rey (pictured above) teamed up with Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys to make this slow burn of a beach ballad somehow both sexy and painful.

  • 'Descent'

    Fear of Men

    Brighton pop trio Fear of Men take melancholy pop to another level with 'Descent.' Singer Jessica Weiss seems to be caught up in a game of push-and-pull (that's a real game, right?). This track shows how love is often complicated, just like your Facebook relationship status.

  • 'Fallin' Love'


    Teenage love -- it's been making adults uncomfortable and upset since the dawn of time. Even though the video (possibly NSFW) is troubling, it does elicit a sense of nostalgia for all the things we wanted to do as teenagers but weren't cool enough to get invited to. Also, this song is pretty sick.

  • 'Every Little Word'


    Speaking of young love, the DJ at our homecoming dance back in 1995 would have played this track two or three times, at least. It was made for dancing to. And not dancing to it is nearly impossible. We bet you're dancing right now. See? You were dancing and didn't even realize it.