October is going to be quite a busy month for Green Day. On Oct. 14, a week after the Oct. 7 release of Revolution Radio, a movie starring frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, Ordinary World, will be available on DVD and digital download. You can watch the trailer for the film above.

Written and directed by Lee Kirk, Ordinary World is the story of Perry Miller (Armstrong), a former punk rock musician — his band has been on “indefinite hiatus” for 10 years — who has settled into suburban life, with a wife (Selma Blair) and daughter and a day job at his family’s hardware store. After his wife forgets his 40th birthday, his brother (Chris Messina) convinces him to have an old-fashioned rockstar party in a posh New York City hotel. Fred Armisen co-stars as Gary, an ex-bandmate, and Judy Greer is an ex-girlfriend who presents him with an opportunity for a comeback.

NME says that Ordinary World includes four new songs by Armstrong, including the title track, which appears as the closing track on Revolution Radio. It premiered back in April, under the title Geezer, at the Tribeca Film Festival, where it secured distribution from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment Content Group.

Green Day’s 12th album and the first since they gave us three records in 2012, Revolution Radio is, like 2004’s American Idiot, a comment on the state of affairs in America today. So far they have given us two songs in advance, “Bang Bang” and the title track. It's the first time the group have produced themselves since 2000's Warning.

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