Add "Billy Corgan's book editor" to the list of America's worst jobs, right next to "Bonnaroo Port-O-Pottie technician" and "Chris Brown anger management counselor." The prolific Smashing Pumpkins leader, who's also in the middle of recording an album with new drummer Tommy Lee, just announced on his blog that he's already written over 200,000 words for a new memoir -- then went on to note that he wasn't even halfway done yet.

"Only five of 12 intended sections have been covered," Corgan wrote to fans. "General indications are that the book will eventually clock in at a half-million words. Too many I say; but sadly, never enough."

If the memoir/autobiography, tentatively titled 'God Is Everywhere From Here to There,' does eventually cross the 500,000 word threshold, ABC News estimates that the final book could weigh in at a staggering 2,000 pages. That's longer than recent memoirs by Neil Young, Pete Townshend and Keith Richards -- combined. (Total page count for those three verbose elder statesmen: 1,802.)

Maybe Corgan should get some writing advice from his new bandmate Lee. Motley Crue's 2001 autobiography, 'The Dirt,' only ran to 448 pages -- a Hemingway-esque model of brevity compared to most rock memoirs.

While we wait for him to finish, here's something from Corgan's new experimental album: