What you have before you is an all-smiles Billy Corgan, founder and leader of the Smashing Pumpkins, holding his two cats, Miss Sammi and Mr. Thom. This is the cover for PAWS Chicago magazine, a publication dedicated to an animal shelter of the same name where Corgan found and adopted the two cute kittehs he's holding.

Corgan spoke with the magazine for its summer issue, discussing a range of topics including his musical past and his love of animals.

“In my home, the animals run the show," Corgan told PAWS. "At best we’re equals. But that’s the way it should be. They have every right to live and be happy as much as I do.”

The Pumpkins singer recently raised $60,000 for PAWS Chicago by auctioning off a private concert and dinner for 12. PAWS Chicago promotes the concept of "no-kill" shelters, where animals don't face euthanasia if they're not adopted after a certain amount of time.

Here's the full cover in all of its Corgan and kitties glory:

Caitlin Lisa, PAWS Chicago
Caitlin Lisa, PAWS Chicago

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