Looking for a little adventure? The folks at Bing have found the perfect way to do it, and they have provided you some music to get you motivated in the process.

Their latest commercial shows a man mundanely looking at the dreary rainy weather outside of his window when he gets the idea that it's time to get away. Meanwhile, soundtracking the whole advertisement is the breakout song from upstart rockers the Lumineers called 'Ho Hey.'

The tribal chants of "ho" and "hey" against a slow moving guitar give the song a reflective beginning, but it begins to pick up with some backing by the trio, including a mandolin and tambourine.

The band, which consists of longtime friends Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites along with their newest addition, Neyla Pekarek, have crafted a folky sound. 'Hey Ho' is featured on the band's self-titled release, which just hit stores back in April.

As for the guy in the commercial, the song and weather inspire him into action. He does a Bing search for Hawaii, puts out the word to his friends for information from anyone who has been there, and ends up taking suggestions on where to stay and what to visit.

Suddenly, he's getting off of a plane, having a lei placed around his neck and enjoying the beautiful terrain of Hawaii. He's trying local cuisine, jumping off Waimea Rock, enjoying a campfire while learning to hula dance and going for a midnight swim in the ocean, and it's all because of his Bing search, which allowed friends to offer their input on his trip.

Hear the Lumineers' 'Ho Hey' in the Bing 'Discovering Hawaii' Commercial

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