In a somewhat mysterious Facebook update, the Lumineers have shared part of their inspiration for their growth and success over the last decade.

"Not sure who this man is, but I taped it to my keyboard 10 years ago, and he has never left my side," the band writes, captioning a newspaper clipping of a photo of Herb Jackson:


Jackson is a Washington correspondent for New Jersey's Record, and after the Lumineers shared their deep appreciation for everything he's done for them, he responded:

Several people suggested I am due royalties. Matt Friedman of the Star-Ledger suggested I begin every question to a politician hence forth with the phrase, “Ho, Hey.” Chris Christie’s campaign adviser, Mike Duhaime, said he has the picture in poster size in his office. I’m thinking of offering to autograph it for him in exchange for a few exclusives this year.

It’s clearly the most bizarre thing I’ve encountered in this job. Not quite sure what it is about the picture that was inspirational to Fraites, but if it helps them get through their studio session, I’m glad to be of help. I know I needed some inspiration for the column I was supposed to write today.

In hopes of gaining as much fame as the Lumineers have over the past few years, our office walls are now lined with photos of Jackson.

The Lumineers are currently in the studio working on their sophomore LP after re-signing with Dualtone Records. No word yet if Jackson will be duetting on the new disc.

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