Björk has always been one to embrace innovative ways to share her music with fans around the world. From fancy packaging to various remixes, the Icelandic music star never settles on just conventional methods.

Her latest album, 'Biophilia,' is a great example. Released as the "world's first app album," songs from the record will now be featured as an eight-part remix series. Hudson Mohawke, These New Puritans, Death Grips and more will give their own interpretations of tracks from 'Biophilia.' The Guardian reports that the remixes will also be available as limited edition vinyl singles, which will be released every two weeks starting on April 17.

'Biophilia' is the overall eighth studio album from Björk and was released in October 2011, four years after her previous disc 'Volta.' The record was partly recorded on an iPad. It is the first to be released as a series of apps in partnership with Apple. A total of ten apps were released and contained in one "mother app." The Ultimate Edition of 'Biophilia' was everything a Björk fan could ask for. Limited to just 200 copies, this version included the album, a second CD with exclusive tracks, the 'Biophilia' manual, tuning forks that were each tuned to a different track from the album and more.

You can listen to Berlin-based producer Current Value's remix of 'Crystalline' below. The track, which is dripping with drum 'n' bass, will be available on 'Biophilia Remix Series 1' along with Current Value's reworking on 'Solstice.'