Banned from prime-time MTV, the Eiko Ishioka-directed video (watch below) for 'Cocoon,' the third and final single from Bjork's 2001 album 'Vespertine,' features the Icelandic pixie wearing a very close-fitting "nude" body suit (thus appearing naked) and standing by herself under a spotlight as red threads seemingly emerge from her nipples. Bjork plays with the threads as they dance around her body until she's eventually completely cocooned.

'Cocoon' followed right behind Bjork's even more controversial 'Pagan Poetry' video, which featured highly distorted images of sexually explicit scenes involving fellatio and ejaculation. 'Pagan Poetry' was banned outright from MTV, and it eventually aired on MTV2's countdown of the '20 Most Controversial Music Videos.'

Watch the Bjork 'Cocoon' Video

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