Last week, Bjork canceled the remainder of her tour dates in Europe due to what an official statement called “conflict beyond our control.” However, over the weekend, the Icelandic artist issued her own explanation on Facebook, which revealed the singer is working on new music.

In the post, Björk cites the intense nature of her latest album, Vulnicura, the LP’s premature leak online earlier this year and other “reasons beyond my control” for the unexpected cancelations. Read her entire message below:

i would like to thank everyone for the concert last night !!!!!! i have no words to describe how grateful i am for this tour : i would like to thank the crew and the promoters and the musicians and the management , the designers . and most of all my personal little team and the audience !!! these have truly been some of my most sublime moments !! singing this album has been intense and the internal clock of it different to the other ones . it has sort of had to behave in its own little way . both the urgency of the leak and now this sudden closure for reasons beyond my control is characteristic of that . i hope through the years i have earned enough tourkarma points to get your support for this .

Björk adds that she’s already working on new material. “I have started writing new songs,” she writes, “and feel the best most natural pathway to go is to let this beast flow its natural course and start anew.”

When it was initially announced Björk would cancel her upcoming tour dates -- including appearances at Pitchfork Music Festival Paris, La Route du Rock and Iceland Airwaves -- the singer’s representatives offered this statement:

Due to a scheduling conflict beyond our control, Björk is not going to be able to play the summer and autumn tour as planned. Björk had been really been looking forward to the concerts and we will work on rescheduling the cancelled dates as soon as possible.