Bjork's new album, 'Vulnicura,' may have leaked online months before its official release, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left from the artist to look forward to. Her retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City is opening next month and will feature a special short film.

The movie, 'Black Lake,' is the centerpiece of the exhibit -- which will also feature sound installations, visuals, costumes and other special things that chronicle Bjork's 20-year career.

Bjork worked with director Andrew Thomas Huang, who directed 'Mutual Core' off 'Biophilia,' for the new film. The "immersive music and film experience" was recorded in Iceland last year, according to the artist's press release. Working with 3D design company Autodesk, the video is supposed to convey "pain, perishing and rebirth," making this a gut-wrenching 10-minute experience. And even though the video could go online, you won't get the full experience unless you visit the exhibit.

MoMA's Bjork retrospective will open on March 8 and run until June 7. For more details, visit MoMA's website.

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