Bjork is gearing up for next Tuesday's release of 'bastards,' a collection of remixes from her 2011 album ‘Biophilia,’ and to celebrate, the Icelandic pixie has unveiled a video for 'Mutual Core,' directed by Andrew Thomas Huang, the same visual artist who created the stunning 'bastards' cover art.

The 'Mutual Core' clip is a characteristically bizarre one, with Bjork, buried to her waist in sand, singing away as a pair of colorful boulders float above her head. The rock formations gradually transform into lava-spewing volcanic creatures -- and the tune, which was remixed by These New Puritans, evolves from a mellow, chant-like vocal meditation into wild and frenetic IDM track.

In addition to These New Puritans, 'bastards' features remixes from the likes of Death Grips, Hudson Mohawke, Omar Souleyman and others. The disc is currently streaming in advance of its release on Tuesday; click here to check it out in its entirety.