For those hoping that the forthcoming Black Keys documentary will focus on a lavish rock 'n' roll lifestyle, expect to be disappointed. According to the director, the film will concentrate on the friendship between guitarist/vocalist Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney.

Speaking to Spin, Noah Abrams said he doesn't want to help perpetuate the stereotype of rock stars living in excess.

"A lot of music documentaries spend too much time trying to make people look cool," says the filmmaker and photographer, who also happens to be a friend of the band. "I'm fortunate enough to know both these guys pretty well and their relationship is pretty incredible and very funny."

Abrams has been on the road with the Black Keys since January of this year. He has chronicled their travels through Europe and North America, selling out countless venues along the way. Auerbach and Carney have done pretty good for themselves since their humble beginnings in Akron, Ohio.

"They're guys that grew up around the corner from each other," Abram says. "They worked and worked and worked and toured and toured and slept in a van and worked their asses off and now they're selling out arenas. I think it's a testament to their talent and hard work. We've gotten some amazing footage so far."

The director will stick with the band until August. He hopes to have everything edited in time for next year's film festival season and to find a distributor for a theatrical release.

"For as big as these guys are now they're still two guys from Akron," emphasizes Abram. "The comedy is usually endless with those two."

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