Since releasing 'Lonely Boy' in 2011, we've gotten used to bluesy and kinda dancey tracks from the Black Keys. And as promised last week, the duo just released a new song, 'Fever,' that sorta follows that path. Give it a listen above.

But unlike the gritty rock-infused blues they normally dish up, 'Fever' goes down the psychedelic route with a mid-tempo beat and some old-school keyboards. But once guitarist Dan Auerbach starts singing, we're brought back to our comfort zone with heavy guitar riffs and hard thumping from Patrick Carney's bass drum.

'Fever' is the first single from the Keys' upcoming album, 'Turn Blue,' which comes out on May 13. Since releasing their first album in 2002, the Keys have kept a pretty steady schedule. The break between 2011's 'El Camino' and 'Turn Blue' marks the largest gap between albums for the band. Its breakthrough 2010 LP, 'Brothers,' was quickly followed by 'El Camino.' So maybe they needed some rest.

Though you wouldn't know it by their credits over the past couple years. Both Auerbach and Carney have been pretty busy on the production end, with the former working with Lana Del Ray, JEFF the Brotherhood and Dr. John, and the latter with Black Lips, Tennis and the Rentals, among others.

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