The Black Keys take to the pulpit in their new video, 'Fever.' Singer Dan Auerbach, good book in hand, preaches fervently and sweatily to rows of pews full of the devoutly faithful. And for those ailing and debilitated faithful who can't leave their beds, and for those people watching TV late into the night with their hearts full of longing, this passionate sermon is being broadcast live, straight over the airwaves.

Brother Auerbach wants you to know he understands the wonders of the fever. He loves the fever because the fever loves him, and he wants you all to know the joys of the fever as he does. And if the fever touches your heart, you can call the phone number on the screen to show your support and buy a little fever for yourself.

Actually, the number leads to a garbled recording. A guy calls record labels and tries to get someone to agree to listen to his music, but he's rejected.

'Fever' is, in addition to being an irrational and passionate lust, the first single from the forthcoming Black Keys album, 'Turn Blue,' set to release May 13. The song is similar in feel to much of the material from their last album, 'El Camino.' 'Fever' could have easily been written in the same session as 'Gold on the Ceiling' or 'Lonely Boy.' It's got that amazingly ragged but sharp sound that Danger Mouse has been producing since he teamed up with the band for their last album.

The Black Keys recently performed on Zane Lowe's BBC radio show. In addition to playing the new single, 'Fever,' and the title track from 'Turn Blue,' the band debuted another song, 'Bullet in the Brain.' You can listen to it below.

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