If you thought it was pretty surreal to see Johnny Depp jamming onstage with the Black Keys at the MTV Movie Awards last night (June 3), you weren't alone; Keys members Patrick Carney and Dan Auerbach seemed a little bemused by the whole thing too. But they weren't too starstruck to crack a few jokes backstage after the event.

"Super normal, that's a normal moment for us," quipped Auerbach. "Yeah, that's our normal lives, hanging out with rock stars and movie stars, you know. It was actually a little boring."

"I was trying to hold back yawns," agreed Carney.

The duo continued cracking wise despite an MTV reporter's continued attempts to get to the bottom of how exactly Depp ended up on stage with them. "I don't know, I think MTV has a random computer generator," said Auerbach with a shrug, and Carney added, "It was supposed to be us and Regis Philbin, but we rejected it."

One thing Auerbach and Carney did seem to take seriously was Depp's guitar playing, which they both deemed "really good," while Carney smirkingly suggested that they might start a T. Rex cover band with Depp and "Matthew McConaughey on bongos."

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