Last night (June 20), the Black Keys went low key by playing a secret gig at the Springwater Supper Club in Nashville, Tenn., where they shot a brand-new music video for their song 'Little Black Submarines.'

The band gave fans a heads up via the following Twitter post yesterday morning: "The Black Keys are playing a secret show in Nashville tonight. Stay tuned for more info at 7PM. First 40 people will get in. Must be 21+." According to Rolling Stone, the word spread like wildfire and hundreds of people showed up in hopes of being allowed to attend the special show.

The Black Keys stuck to their word and only allowed 50 or so fans inside, but the rest of them hung around the outskirts of the club to listen to the band's hour-long concert. In addition to running through 'Little Black Submarines' a few times, the Keys also threw in some other tracks from 2011's 'El Camino' and even played a few older tunes to help flesh out their set.

The Black Keys are originally from Akron, Ohio but relocated to Nashville back in 2010. While they're accustomed to performing at much larger and less grungy venues than the Nashville dive bar, it's nice to see that the duo of rockers haven't let their rising fame get to their heads.

After last night's show, a fan commented to Rolling Stone that he lives "down the street from [singer-guitarist] Dan Auerbach" and that it was "sweet to see him come on stage in, like, a really s---ty club and do his thing with [drummer] Patrick [Carney] and the rest of the band."

The Black Keys are scheduled to play a handful of U.S. shows this summer before heading overseas in August. Click here to read more about their 2012 tour plans.

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