Kiss bassist Gene Simmons isn't exactly renowned for his sense of humor, but that didn't stop the Black Lips from antagonizing him during a recent interview.

Rolling Stone reports Simmons was a guest on HuffPro Live when the host of the show shared an odd video sent during the webcast featuring three guys wearing sloppy Kiss-inspired face paint and shouting like pro wrestlers. Those guys were actually Atlanta noise-rockers the Black Lips -- something Simmons didn't find out until after he already badmouthed them.

Although the Lips claimed on Twitter that Huffington Post originally rejected the video, someone at the site must have eventually learned it came from the Black Lips and it was played for Simmons.

In the video, guitarist Jack Hines said, "Mr. Simmons! We're here to tell you that the day of misogynistic, sexist rock 'n' roll is over! We call for the complete and utter surrender of the Kiss Army. Lay down your guitars! Do you accept our terms of surrender?"

After watching the clip, Simmons provided a typically snide retort. "Yes. I surrender entirely," he said. "And I wanted to compliment your mom for the wonderful way that she designed the decorations in the basement that she lets you live in. I think it's very attractive. I hope you get to leave your mom's basement soon. Remember, learn to speak English. Good education, that will help. I did it, you can too."

When the host informed Simmons that the hoodlums were actually the famous Black Lips, Simmons responded with an ill-advised attempt at humor. "But they're not black, what are they … racist," he asked. "Why are they calling themselves black?"

Check out the uncomfortable moments near the end at the 31:58 mark:

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