Ever wonder what goes into the writing of a song? The Black Lips take the time to break down 'Drive-By Buddy' -- which comes from the Atlanta punk band's latest album, 'Underneath the Rainbow' -- in an exclusive video premiere, which you can watch above.

"The song is kind of a standard 1-4-5 country-rock song," explains guitarist Cole Alexander. "It's kind of a Kinks-y, Beatles lead, and then I just jump on."

The video is part of the Ernie Ball Set Me Up series, which focuses on the technical aspects of songwriting and guitar playing. Alexander goes into how he learned certain chords from Buddy Holly records.

He also talks about how Nirvana inspired him to pick up a guitar in the first place. "Hearing Nirvana, like, when I was in third grade [when] 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' came out," says Alexander. "The good thing about them is [that] they're sloppy and weird."

But it's not all technical stuff. The video also features a stripped-down performance of 'Drive-By Buddy' that's way more revealing than the original take.

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