If you need a pick-me-up today, look no further than the latest release from Black Taxi, 'Electroshock Death Grip.' The Brooklyn indie funk rock outfit leave nothing on the table with their third full-length album, and Diffuser couldn't be more excited to premiere the entire album stream in the audio player below.

"The recording process for 'Electroshock Death Grip' was great, we got to work with Jacob Wagner again. He engineered our EP from last year," vocalist and guitarist Bill Mayo tells us. "We did some basic tracking with all instruments together for the first week or so, but after that, we got pretty deep into some overdubs and added sounds. We also had the luxury of writing some of the hooks while we were in the studio. That's always a fun process because instead of sitting in solace, you're surrounded by your friends and bandmates. They're a great sounding board for your ideas in real time."

Mayo continues, "'Electroshock Death Grip' is our first full-length since 2011, and we've progressed so much since then -- in our songwriting, lyric writing and overall sound."

Regarding the album's influences, Mayo thinks the album touches on a variety of sounds, but as he puts it, the record is "much more cohesive" than past releases. Part of that cohesiveness stems from Mayo and company using their own gear in the studio, rather than what the engineer recommends. "I got to use my trusty Stratocaster and the same rig I take on tour," he explains. "It sounds the way I want it to."

We're glad it does. The infectious grooves of 'Electroshock Death Grip' are available today via No Shame. Get details on the release at Black Taxi's official website here.

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