Although there are plenty of Blink-182 songs about grandpas, farts and the pains of growing up, the pop-punk trio has also put out quite a few sweet love songs over the years. A song that falls into that latter category is 'I Miss You' from their 2003 self-titled record.

As we were listening to this song this morning -- which is complete with violin, soft piano and delicate percussion -- we said to ourselves, "Wouldn't this sound cool if an orchestra performed the song?" And sure enough, YouTube pulls through for us! Listen to one orchestra's beautiful rendition of the track below.

Blink-182 are currently label-less, working on a brand new album with no current release date, but if their last EP, 'Dogs Eating Dogs,' is any testament to what's in store for the new material, we're certainly pumped.

And just for fun, check out the original 'I Miss You Below' to compare -- which version do you like better?

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